Katrina Lessons

August 30, 2006 on 1:09 am | In Politics | 1 Comment

So here it is, a year later, and we’re still talking about Katrina, New Orleans, and just how slow The Government was responding to the situation.

Nevermind that Nagin is still the Mayor.. now reelected for another four years.. and that mistakes and errors were made not just during, but well before Katrina knocked on New Orleans’ door.

But someone is learning something. Many of those that were residents of New Orleans and were forced to flee.. have discovered life OUTSIDE of New Orleans.

New Orleans will be a great city again. But not today. Not tomorrow. And probably not next year. It’s going to take a few years.

What is not going to happen is that New Orleans will not be the same place as it once was.


Left Wing Claims They’re All Wet

August 9, 2006 on 6:22 am | In Politics | 2 Comments

So, Lieberman lost. That means that the far left wing wackos won the day.

Without checking the news today [yet], I predict that the Democratic Left Wing Moonbats will claim this to be a watershed moment. Because Lamont won, that means that the entire country has given up on the war, our troops, the President, and blames the United States for every problem that exists in every other country.

Should be an interesting day or two in the news. Watch for the MSM to bring up phrases like “Lieberman defeat” more often than “Lamont win.”


Pound for Pound

August 3, 2006 on 9:38 pm | In Politics | 6 Comments

It’s been weeks since my last post, and yet it’s still very appropriate.

The war that Israel is waging against the Hezbollah terrorists may be highlighting exactly where the countries of the world stand. And I have to agree: this is World War 3. The Israel situation is just one battle. But each battle needs to be won against these sub-humans called terrorists.

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader, has essentially said that if Israel keeps this up, Hezbollah will target Tel Aviv.

Y’know, Sheik, Israel DOES have the capability to turn Lebanon into a parking lot. The fact that they haven’t already says more about their accuracy and restraint, than a lousy aim. But targetting Tel Aviv? That’s one way of finding out just how quickly a parking lot can be served up.

I don’t want war, but if Hezbollah does strike at Tel Aviv… I hope Israel returns the favor ten-fold.

And may God keep safe those that just want to live a peaceful life, because I don’t see that happening during the next couple of weeks.


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