Do I Know You?

August 14, 2013 on 11:01 pm | In Personal | Comments Off

Had to turn off new user registrations…. too many spambots constantly signing up, trying to post junk.

So… turned off the faucet.

Besides, this site is all for about.. oh.. 5 people. The other hordes of my fans are already with me on other social sites. (Ok, it’s the same 5. But still…)

It’s just that I was on this one, the one I created, first. But, first isn’t always best. Or even easiest. Just first.


Michael Clarke Duncan

September 3, 2012 on 2:01 pm | In Movies, Personal, TV Shows | Comments Off

One of my favorite actors, Michael Clarke Duncan, has passed away.

Best known for his role as John Coffey in “The Green Mile,” I don’t think there was a movie he was in that I didn’t enjoy seeing him. He always seemed to be so happy to be an actor.

You’ll be missed.

Visit see a list of movies and shows he graced.

If I Wanted America To Fail

April 23, 2012 on 11:13 pm | In Barack Obama, Global Warming, Healthcare, Joe Biden, Obama Administration, Obama Media, Personal, Politics, socialism | Comments Off

…I’d keep Obama in office this November.

If I Wanted America To Fail


Why Unions are Bad

March 6, 2011 on 10:34 pm | In Personal, Unions | Comments Off

Yep. Still around. Nope. Not posting like I once did. Still opinionated though.

Such as… This Hawaii Electric (HECO) mess with the striking unions that want more … what?… benefits? retirement? pay?

And walking off the job during a crisis because you want more entitlements?

Solution: Fire everyone. Then hire folks that need a job and are happy to work hard for their job. Everybody wins.

Except the union. I care as much about their union as they cared about the people of Hawaii during a crisis: none.

The Known Universe

January 21, 2010 on 10:05 pm | In Just For Fun, Main, Personal, The World | Comments Off

Too good not to share.



January 6, 2010 on 2:18 am | In Family, Friends, Personal, Weather | Comments Off

Happy New Year! For my vacation this year, I left Hawaii to visit friends and family in Dallas, Texas.

So, just to clarify… I left 78 degree weather for the ice box that was Dallas.

But I did enjoy the first White Christmas in about 80 years in Dallas. And – of course – the visits and down-time.

Also, a real appreciation for tropical temperatures. ‘Cause, baby, it’s COLD in Big D!


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2009 on 7:08 pm | In Family, Food, Friends, Hawaii, Just For Fun, Main, Personal, Waikiki | Comments Off

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! I’m sitting down at Ryan’s Grill in the Ward Center for some turkey dinner myself. And, of course, some pumpkin pie for dessert.

Like everyone else I’ll just ignore the calories until tomorrow.


Discovery’s Pitchmen

September 18, 2009 on 10:44 pm | In Just For Fun, Personal, TV Shows | Comments Off

Good news, good news… From Discovery’s Pitchmen website

NEWS FLASH – July 15, 2009: Discovery Channel’s PITCHMEN, will be back for a second season. Because of the success of the series first season, and as a tribute to Mays’ legacy, the show will continue. Discovery Channel is developing the format of season two with Mays’ son, Billy Mays III, Anthony Sullivan and Thom Beers, CEO of Original Productions. A premiere date for season two of PITCHMEN hasn’t yet been set, SO STAY TUNED!

Cool. I really enjoyed this show. And while it’s a shame that it seems have been a drug related death for Billy Mays, you can’t deny his skill at his craft.


Death in Overdrive

June 28, 2009 on 7:51 pm | In Family, Friends, Personal | Comments Off

Curt Elbert Mitchell

What is it lately? What’s happened? Why does there seem to be a rash of deaths all of a sudden?

I’m not sure. I have not got a clue.

For my family and friends, it started with the loss of Curt Elbert Mitchell (seen at right). One of my life-long friends that I considered a brother.

Then a slew of other deaths followed.. Farrah Fawcett. Michael Jackson. And today, of all people, Billy Mays.

Here’s my personal opinion of what happened… Continue reading Death in Overdrive…

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